• It's because we refused to all be forced into the same mould and chose to continue cultivating the Négrette , this black grape variety which is unique in the world and develops a fascinating aromatic intensity, that we can offer you extraordinary red and rosé wines.
    The wine growers/makers of the Fronton PAO.



    Wine makers’ portraits

    Michelle et Philippe Selle,

    Château Boujac

    Determined and idealistic, these former vine-growers turned wine-makers have made the choice to go for quality and for organic production, taking risks which are now paying off.

    Michelle and Philippe sometimes have stars in their eyes but they always keep their feet firmly on the ground. Devoted to the cultivation of vines, these earth-lovers could take for their own the old saying “Work hard amongst the vines, laze around in the cellar”, given the care they lavish on their crops. It just goes to show that the earth is full of promise for those who know how to listen to it.

    Wine of the month

    (Français) G-Sica – Les Vignerons du Secret

    Confidence 2018

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