• It's because we refused to all be forced into the same mould and chose to continue cultivating the Négrette , this black grape variety which is unique in the world and develops a fascinating aromatic intensity, that we can offer you extraordinary red and rosé wines.
    The wine growers/makers of the Fronton PAO.


    (Français) Club œnologique
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    Wine makers’ portraits

    Anne et Géraud Arbeau,

    Vignoble Arbeau

    Together, Anne and Géraud, brother and sister, are continuing to write the family history begun a century ago by their grandfather Pierre. Working in the vineyards, making the wine, but also carrying on the business of wine merchants, the brother and sister never stop.

    Staunchly upholding the values of the South-West to which they are deeply attached, Anne and Géraud sell wines from the Place du Capitole in Toulouse to the United States, from the Place Nationale in Montauban to China…. In short, to the four corners of the world.

    Recipe suggestion

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    Poires pochées à la Négrette

     Préparation: 15 minutes
     Cuisson: 1 heure

    Wine of the month

    (Français) Château Binest

    100 % négrette, 2016

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