• It's because we refused to all be forced into the same mould and chose to continue cultivating the Négrette , this black grape variety which is unique in the world and develops a fascinating aromatic intensity, that we can offer you extraordinary red and rosé wines.
    The wine growers/makers of the Fronton PAO.



    Wine makers’ portraits

    Nicolas Roumagnac,

    Domaine Roumagnac

    If this young wine producer has the build of a rugby player, that’s because he’s managed to combine his two great loves : the oval ball and wine.

    In 2010 this grandson of a wine grower/maker started to work with his friend Jean-Paul (whose surname also happens to be Roumagnac) to develop the sales side of the estate’s wine business. And in just a few years, this team work has paid off. Now involved in the process from harvest to blending, Jean-Paul, who is passionately interested in oenology and in the local “terroir”, has successfully used his experience as a salesman to develop the range and to market it widely, as far afield as the United States. Try converted !

    Wine of the month

    (Français) G-Sica – Les Vignerons du Secret

    Confidence 2018

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