• It's because we refused to all be forced into the same mould and chose to continue cultivating the Négrette , this black grape variety which is unique in the world and develops a fascinating aromatic intensity, that we can offer you extraordinary red and rosé wines.
    The wine growers/makers of the Fronton PAO.



    Wine makers’ portraits

    Fabien Cardetti,

    Domaine de Lescure

    Fabien isn’t the type to put all his eggs in one basket : he combines the jobs of a wine-maker, cereal-farmer and hazelnut producer. And if he’s drawn an hour-glass on his bottles, it’s because time matters very much to him.

    The third generation of the family to work the estate, the weather is just as important to the farmer/vine-grower as is passing Time…. And if his “Comme avant” (As it used to be) wine is slowly matured in oak barrels, the 100% Négrette is called “A l’avenir” (To the Future). This tells you that Fabien is a firm believer in this exceptional grape variety.

    Wine of the month

    (Français) Domaine des Pradelles

    Légende, 2016

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