• It's because we refused to all be forced into the same mould and chose to continue cultivating the Négrette , this black grape variety which is unique in the world and develops a fascinating aromatic intensity, that we can offer you extraordinary red and rosé wines.
    The wine growers/makers of the Fronton PAO.


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    Livret de recettes “Un Chef, Un vigneron” éd. 2017
    Le livret de recettes “Un Chef, un Vigneron” édité en partenariat avec les Chefs “Tables & Auberges de France“, Haute-Garonne
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    France 2 dans le Frontonnais
    Loïc Ballet journaliste de l’émission Télématin (France 2) s’est rendu dans le frontonnais à la rencontre de Richard et Agnès
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    Wine makers’ portraits

    Cathy Capmartin,

    The wine growers/makers of Vinovalie – Cuvée Inès

    If Cathy modestly explains that it’s still her father’s experience which helps her to manage 18 hectares of vines, she’s nevertheless the one who’s been running the family vineyard for the last five years.

    Mother of three, head of a business, a trainee member of the Vinovalie Administrative Council and on the Fronton site where she delivers her grapes, Cathy never stops.

    Bringing a feminine touch to this frequently male-dominated sector, this vine-grower is particularly proud of contributing to the making of an excellent rosé, which has been crowned world champion several times. An Inès-timable privilege…

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    Crème Catalane

     Préparation: 25min
     Cuisson: 5min

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    (Français) Château Binest

    100 % négrette, 2016

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